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The specialised coating on Low-E window films provides your building with year round energy savings. During the winter months, Low-E window film reflects solar heat away from windows, reducing the need to cool your building therefore saving you money on air conditioning costs. Also Low-E window film blocks harmful ultra violet radiation, reduces glare and doesn’t compromise your views

We have three shades of these films available depending on your requirements, whether you need a light, barely noticeable film to keep your room light and bright while still having the heat retention benefits or a darker version to eliminate glare and provide privacy or something in between we can provide the energy solution you need.


Mastertint can supply and install magnetic acrylic sheet double glazing that is inexpensive, compared to changing your existing windows to double glazed units, and are easy to maintain.

Magnetic double glazing can be quickly and effectively retro fitted to most existing windows.


Benefits at a glance


The walls and roofs of our homes are generally very efficient at maintaining constant temperatures within the home, its our glassed areas that let us down. Applying magnetic acrylic double glazing to the windows in your home will keep the temperature more constant reducing the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer.


The extra noise pollution in your home is obvious to everyone. What you may not realise is the effect that extra noise can have on your health. Headaches, loss of hearing, increased blood pleasure, more stress and less sleep are just some of the problems. Magnetic acrylic double glazing using 3mm acrylic sheet will dramatically reduce noise. The greater the gap between the window and acrylic, the greater the noise reduction.


With the ever increasing cost of electricity and other fuels, this reduced need for heating will result in increased savings.

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