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Mastertint can supply and install custom car wraps for almost any vehicle. Breath new life into the appearance of your car or vehicle by simply changing the colour or create different and unique effects not possible through re-spraying.

We have all kinds of vehicle wraps. Everything from 3M carbon fibre, snake or crocodile skin, chrome, fluoros or even matte black!!! The possibilities are endless, and the choice is yours!!

By applying large conformable sheets of vinyl to your car we can change its colour to create a totally new refreshed look. The vinyl completely covers the paintwork of your car or vehicle, protecting it from stone chips and minor abrasions caused through general wear and tear. If any section of the vehicle becomes damaged for any reason, the vinyl can be easily repaired or replaced. This means your vehicles panels can be easily and individually re-wrapped at any time.

We can also wrap small sections such as mirror backs or wheels to give your car that custom personalised look.

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A wrap is a large specialty vehicle vinyl. It is applied directly over the original paintwork of the vehicle. The application of the wrap allows you to completely re-colour or customise your car at a fraction of the cost of a respray.
Vehicle wrapping will protect your paintwork against stone chips and minor abrasions. It allows you to change the vehicles appearance in a very short period of time and when you want to remove the wrap the vehicle is back to its original condition, extending the lifetime of your car and increasing the resale value.
The most popular choices are matte black and carbon fibre however we can offer hundreds of colours and textures depending what look you are after.
A bonnet usually takes about 4 hours and a full wrap usually takes between 5-7 days to complete
No – Vehicle wrap vinyl will not damage factory paint jobs. Wraps wont stick to rust. If your vehicle has flaking or chipping paint a wrap may pull off the paint damaged area when removed.
We use top quality products such as 3M, Avery, Hexis and Arlon whose warranties vary between 5-12 year UV durability outdoors.